Community is an intrical part of Newave Studios focus. We believe that in order for a society to thrive its local communities (which makes up the society) has to have a strong foundation which would be made up of accountable/creditable leadership, complete pathways to opportunity and stability.

Children make up the largest part of the population that is dependent on all these factors listed above. For this reason our facility is “child focused” and places leaders that are family oriented. Here at Newave Studios we understand that children are moldable and can grow up to be productive and giving members of society if given the opportunity to flourish in a nurturing environment.

The Elderly are also marginalized members of our society. It is also important that we give focus to them. They have a wealth of knowledge and can also provide great insight to the world around us. For this reason the elderly should be incorporated into our program as much as possible. The exchange of resources from this demographic and the overall community is immeasurable. In the year 2020 we will begin a program where children and the elderly will interact on a regular basis fostering care and service to one another.