Steam (Science, Technology, engineering, art and mathematics) is a program we offer to members of the studio in the summer months. There are a host of volunteers that help mentor and teach the students which include computer and civil engineers!

Our science program is very comprehensive and covers a range of topics…  Classes cover the following topics:

1. Biology and the living world.

2. How to grow plants and food with the smallest carbon footprint.

3. Beginners Computer programming.

4.  How to build a robot!

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Please contact us and sign up for early bird rates!

These courses will give the student the neccessary tools to branch off into more complex subjects using scientific approaches and a full sense of curiosity!

Below was the first part of science camp training:

The first part of our science program explored how to build websites. Please join the children on their journey of learning how to code and build websites! Please visit their webpages and leave comments below on their work!